Our Marathon

Print • Exhibit • Physical Installation

April 2014

The Our Marathon exhibit was Scout's first client project. My lovely friend Kat Garcia and I worked to design and curate this 15 panel, 8 foot high exhibit commemorating the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. We collaborated with Our Marathon, a community digital archive of stories, photos and perspectives collected from the event, to create a narrative, with pictures and accounts drawn from their archive, that honored those affected by the tragedy. Kat and I faced the challenge of creating a narrative that balanced the sadness and mourning surrounding the event with an uplifting tone that celebrated the strength of our city. Our solution was to structure the narrative into 3 sections, with each section designed around a different theme: Our Stories, Our City, Our Strength. Working on this project was a great learning experience in terms of its scale, medium, and subject, and was also successful in introducing Scout to the community. The exhibit was displayed in the front lobby of International Village at Northeastern University, which is a space students walk through to get to their dorm, classrooms, and dining hall, and was written about in Northeasten News.

15 panel exhibit — 8' x 25'