UX/UI • Visual Design • Branding

Spring 2015

Highlight was a mobile app design project taken on by Scout. Highlight is a tool used for hair/beauty discovery and inspiration, helping users find salons and services in their area based on crowd-sourced content. The client came to us with with the name Makeovershare, looking for a redesign of their current semi-functional app. To kick off the project, we led a half-day branding session with their team, in which we discussed brand attributes, target audience, and began a renaming discussion. From there we decided on the name Highlight, which we felt encompassed many areas of their business: hair/beauty, as well as the ability to highlight salons and services. We mapped out what the primary functions of the app would be and helped the client narrow their focus to create a clearer vision for what the app should do. We created wireframes for each screen to flesh out exactly how a user would navigate through the app. Finally, we developed a visual style, color palette, logo, and icon set and created the final high-fidelity mockups which we linked in a clickable prototype and handed over to the client.